About The MHB

My name is Jonny Morris and I have always been fascinated with History. I studied History and Politics at Cardiff university and after graduating I spent much of my spare time reading books on the topic. The one main aspect of History that always stood out to me was war. Whenever I thought of History, the first thing that came into my mind were the countless conflicts that have torn this world to pieces, all fought over territories, religion, independence, economies, democracy, subjugation, freedom, the list is endless!

The outcome of these conflicts created the world in which we live today and I think it’s important to understand how these things came about. I also love to ask the unanswerable question of what the world would be like today if things had gone differently. I do not wish to ignore the other factors that brought about change in history, but this blog is going to focus on the history of modern military conflicts. Above all, I want this to be a mark of respect to all the combatants in all wars throughout history, to the winners and the losers, and to ensure that we never forget the sacrifices that these people made.

In terms of what to expect, I’m going to be posting various different articles on conflicts throughout history, I will most likely put up a few ‘what if?’ scenarios as well. There will be a news section looking at current events and the history surrounding them, book reviews and film reviews as well.

I hope you enjoy my articles, and thank you for visiting!

Jonny Morris.
Jonny pic

One thought on “About The MHB

  1. Hi Morris ! i found your Blog while searching about Military History stuff ! It’s nice thing really ! I am also a fan of History, Military History and Warfare. Only difference in both of us is that you have academically qualified while I am not formally a History Graduate ! But still I love the subject. Thank you for sharing such a nice content !

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